About ReelGood.TV

Founded in 2005, ReelGood.TV has a long history on the Regent University campus. In 2015, ReelGood.TV merged with The Daily Runner and was given new purpose as a student-run organization within the School of Communication and the Arts to preserve the works of Regent University, assist in the production of student generated content and connect students to ongoing projects. These objectives create the four main categories of ReelGood.TV operations.

ReelGood.TV is run by a Regent student selected annually from the Editorial team of The Daily Runner.

2015-016 Executive Producer, Dylan Johnson.

reelgoodlogo(VAULT)-01 To collect content created by Regent University.

reelgoodlogo(films)-01 To collect films created by the Regent community.

reelgoodlogo(shorts)-01 To collect shorts by the Regent community.

   reelgoodlogo(maker)-01 To connect students to ongoing projects.